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Financial InterGroup Advisors is a strategy & acquisition firm advising financial enterprises and their technology suppliers on issues related to mergers and acquisitions, new product and market development, global strategies, restructurings, information systems, communications infrastructures, and risk management. It's principals have advised many of the leading service companies - SunGard, Logica, Mckinsey & Co. and Nomura Research Institute, and many of the largest of financial enterprises globally including the NYSE, Merrill Lynch, Citibank, JP Morgan Chase and others.

Financial InterGroup Holdings Ltd is a financial industry development company that has created and/or invested in seven start-ups: Financial Managers of America™ (an automated wealth and financial planning service), Personal Resources (an employee assistance service), Investors Advantage (one of the first Internet financial websites), Saved Retirement LLC (the creator of the 401k retirement product Saving for Retirement Account™), the Central Counterparty for Data Management™ (a patented industry reference data utility), the U3 Identification System™ (a patented global identification method and system) and REAMS™ (Risk Exposure and Attribution Management System) the operational system of our Risk Accounting™ method. We have also formed joint ventures with exchanges, clearing houses, depositories, and technology suppliers that support financial services.

We are veterans of the financial services industry and are confident that we have the requisite skills, judgment, breadth of experience, and working relationships with industry thought leaders, regulators and suppliers to assist in whatever your strategic needs are. We invite your inquiries and interest in engaging our services or in participating in our innovative enterprises.

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Financial InterGroup is a founding member company of the FIORD Consortium - Financial Industry Ontology for Risk & Regulatory Data. For more information click here.

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